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Stitch Figures - Charter Pack

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Construct crochet charts in a program you already know and love - Canva! Figures can be customized to any color and are available in both solid and outline versions. The Charter Pack includes: ch, sl-st, sc (two variations), hdc, dc, tr, and dtr.

These graphics are for personal use only - they may be used to illustrate your own patterns (which you may sell), but not to illustrate graphs for other people. The license is non-transferrable, so don't share them with anyone else, either. Tech editor? See below - I want to get these in your hands too.

Your download will include a two-page PDF with links and further instructions to download.



Are you a tech editor or professional chart maker? Either you or your client should purchase a copy of the stitch figures, and then you're totally good to use them for that client. If you just want to purchase a license to use for all clients, contact me for a custom (affordable, based on your business) quote.

Do you need the SVG files for Illustrator or Inkscape? Purchase this listing then shoot me a DM. I'll get you the original files to use as you please.

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You will get a PDF (47KB) file

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