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Technical Editing

You've poured your heart and soul into this pattern, and that is such an accomplishment. I'm so excited for you, and I can't wait to partner with you to make it a professional crochet pattern that's publication-ready.

My sketchbooks have always been full of math.

Even when I claimed not to like it, I was good at it. I practiced and practiced making my numbers line up with the ideas in my head. At some point, the numbers became secondary because I could look at my work and know what shapes would build that 3D object, or how big something needed to be in relation to another piece to feel balanced. The math clicked and made my designs - in art, in architecture, and in yarn - just work on an intuitive level.

Coupled with my perfectionism and attention to detail...

This naturally led me to tech editing crochet patterns. I get to read all the amazing ways designers write something, I get to support them as they perfect their own designs, and I get to do math. A lot of math.

Why do I need tech editing?

As your tech editor, I can help you:

  • catch math errors and stitch count discrepancies early
  • advise on changes across multiple variations
  • help check for consistency throughout your crochet pattern
  • make sure your pattern is clear, concise, and easy to follow
  • protect your pattern-writing voice during a pattern test

Tech editing isn't pattern testing.

Pattern testers are an amazing resource. They are hyper-focused on the accuracy of one size or version of your pattern, and they help you visualize what other people will make when they follow your pattern. They need time to make your pattern, so turnaround is based on the size of your pattern. And since they work entirely for free in most cases, it's respectful to value their time and set them up for success with an edited pattern.

As a tech editor, I check the pattern as a whole rather than focusing on one size or version. I aim to understand your vision and provide a little extra clarity - as well as a clean pattern that's free of mistakes - before your testers ever see the pattern. My turnaround time involves reading and understanding the pattern, not making the item, so I only need a few hours of work on each pattern. If you choose to have your pattern tested, I want to make sure your test runs as smoothly as possible and gives you an accurate representation of how your customers will fare.

How it Works


Each technical edit requires five business days, and you'll get to put your deadline directly in my calendar. Need your pattern faster? Let's chat about booking a priority edit (two business days, or one weekend, for an additional 60% fee). Revisions each require two more business days.


Your pattern will be returned to you with separate notes on both errors and suggestions by the agreed-upon date. Implement any suggestions and send it back so I can check them over. Your editing estimate generally includes time for one or two revisions, and you can always request more.


I will remain available to help you troubleshoot any future issues with patterns I've edited, though I sincerely hope there are none and want to know if that's not the case. I can't wait to share your design upon publication and see all the variations that you enable makers to create.

Time Tracking

I'll provide information about expected time commitment at the start of each editing job. I track my work on your pattern to the minute with a 20 minute minimum and bill when all work has been completed. I will notify you before proceeding if my initial estimate needs to be revised.


I invest time and attention into a detailed review of your pattern for editing. In return, I charge $40 per hour of time spent editing. If I don't have your pattern at least 5 days before your deadline, you may request to change the date due or proceed as scheduled with a rush fee.

Additional Services

Need something that isn't specifically mentioned here? I work with designers on an individual basis to offer grading, ghost writing, pattern notation, design and writing consults, and an assortment of other a la carte services. Drop me a message and let me know what you need.

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